Junghyun Oh, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Robotics, Kwangwoon University

Office: Room 302, Nuri Bldg., Kwangwoon University
Phone: +82-2-940-8092
E-mail: jhyunoh (at)

Graduate Students

Donggil You, Master's Student

Research Area : Visual SLAM in outdoor environment
E-mail: kwbnoa123 (at)

Jihoon Jung, Master's Student

Research Area : Semantic Visual SLAM
E-mail: nsa05605 (at)

Jusang Jeong, Master's Student

Research Area : 3D LiDAR SLAM
E-mail: jusang0928 (at)

Woonghee Lee, Master's Student

Research Area : Visual SLAM
E-mail: jiop_1 (at)

Undergraduate Students


Changwan Han(M.S., 2023), Moving Object Removal and Point Cloud Inpainting for 3D LiDAR SLAM in Dynamic Environments
Hyeongjun Jeon(M.S., 2023), RGB-D Visual SLAM = RGB-D Visual SLAM Using Static Parts Toward Dynamic Environments